I am an architect and I trained at the Architectural Association in London. I went on to practice at Heatherwick Studio, before starting Dear Modern. During this time, I also joined twentytwentyone, a design led furniture retailer in London, which gave me a good understanding of what most people really want in their homes.


Being from Singapore, Feng Shui is widely practiced there, and I have always taken it very seriously in my design and space planning. My step grandfather was a noted Feng Shui master in Singapore, and I always sought to learn the logic behind it. This art of placement had always been second nature, until moving to London, where I realised that many designers did not share this innate and intuitive sense of flow and energy. Here, Feng Shui is seen as a separate entity, almost as a superstition, rather than the logic that it truly had. 

This was when I started to teach people, the proper logic behind space planning, which of course, stems from this ancient artform, to once again reinstate the reverence of the home.