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Talk to Cliff, lets listen what he has to say about various topic on the following interviews and podcasts.

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Your Money, Money FM

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The Indian Real Estate

THE TV CARPENTER Wayne Perrey chats with Architect and Feng Shui expert Cliff Tan

Michelle Martin chats with Cliff Tan, the London-based Singaporean about how he used lockdown time to kickstart his hugely successful TikTok channel of over a million users and his new book Feng Shui Modern.

Join Akshay and Yash in Mumbai as they gain insights from Cliff about:

  • How to design a home on a budget?

  • How can you improve your home by making the most of your current interiors?

  • What is Feng Shui and how can it help you design a better home?

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Poko Ponders: Feng shui


Top Artist, My Modern Met

SaltWire host Sarah Poko spoke to Cliff Tan, an architect and founder of Dear Modern, about how we can make our quarantine space more peaceful and productive.

Sam Pires speaks to Cliff who believes that architecture services should be available to everyone, not just those wealthy enough to afford traditional architecture services. He was inspired to use social media to teach simple lessons on feng shui and design to help people find the best use for their space.


Corpo Rayshid speaks to Cliff Tan about feng shui, what it is, and how to apply it to your home on his show, No Agenda.

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